About the band


Evon Rose is a pop-rock band based in Austria founded by the singer-songwriter Andreas Schuster. His songs are written in english and speak about life, love and journeys of self discovery. Evon Rose is combined of musicians coming from different countries and musical backgrounds. Guitarist Jonas Skielboe comes from Denmark and is classically trained, Sasa Nikolic is a Croatian rock-jazz-ethno drummer and Byron Cortes is a Columbian funk-pop-rock Bass player. All those elements make Evon Rose's style versatile bringing a mix of acoustic and alternative-pop rock sounds together. 

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Guitar: Jonas Skielboe
Drums, Backing Vocals: Sasa Nikolic
Bass, Backing Vocals: Byron Cortes

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In the process of creating my first album I had the chance to work with some really cool musicians. One of them is the guitarist Jonas Skielboe, who is very passionate about his work being a versatile musician, coming from classics and world music but also rocking the electric guitar big time! Check him out: www.jonasskielboe.com

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Introducing another great musician I have the honor of working with: Sasa Nikolic , the man with the perfect timing and great feel for my music who has been incredibly supportive in the process of recording my album! He is working with bands such as Fatima Spar & The Freedom Fries, The Matchbox Big Band, MAURACHER and Großmütterchen Hatz & Klok

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Byron Cortes is our calm Groove machine on the E-Bass with a super nice feel for the band and a very positive soul. Check him out: www.byroncortesbass.com


A perfectionst by nature, a super creative spirit and a really cool guy! Alfredo Ovalles is a genuine artist, a "permanent guest" at Evon Rose and I am very happy to work with him! check him out: www.alfredoovalles.com

Rusanda Panfili. We collaborated on some of my songs and her string arrangements really gave them the final touch. Last year she played on the Hans Zimmer Tour, originally coming from classical music but also doing cross over projects. Thank you Rusanda for your awesome violin sounds and the passion you put into your music! Check her out:  www.rusandapanfili.com